James Shepherd


On August 16th 2003 I married the beautiful intelligent maiden Codina Cotar. We shared an office during our PhD research at the University of Bristol, UK; now we share our lives together.


:*The Bride*
The Bride

:*The Parents*
The Parents

:*Signing The Register*
Signing The Register

:*Best Men*
Best Men


:*More Guests*
More Guests

:*Ashton Court Mansion Gardens*
Ashton Court Mansion Gardens

:*Mother and Daughter*
Mother and Daughter

:*Back in for the Meal*
Back in for the Meal

:*Mr and Mrs Shepherd!*
Mr and Mrs Shepherd!

:*The Rings*
The Rings

:*My Brother: Alex*
My Brother: Alex

:*My Sister: Amy*
My Sister: Amy


:*During my speech?*
During my speech?

:*The Cutting of the Cake*
The Cutting of the Cake

:*Stylish Departure*
Stylish Departure

:*Florence Awaits!*
Florence Awaits!