James Shepherd

North Shore

The North Shore

If you don't know what it is, you will when you watch these vids...

These are all from riding with members of the UBC MTB club.

  • Kev, meets a gap...
kev_dilema1.mov (1517k)

kev_dilema_gap.mov (1151k)

  • Riding buddy Daniel Gore does a rock face on Oil Can for the first time... He has since broke his collar bone (twice:-)
DanielG-OilCan.wmv (493k)

  • Me doing a few log rides on Ned's...
Neds(web).wmv (852k)
  • Riding buddy Ted Leung taking a higher line at the logs on Ned's...
TedGapNeds(web).wmv (875k)
  • Peter and me, doing some drops in one of the practice jump parks as Whistler.
FantasticWhistler.wmv (1392k)